Pavel Z., 61, Czech Republic (Jun. 2017)

“When I’ve lost part of my vision field after the stroke, it was a shock to me. And it was even worse, since I’ve lost my driving license that I’d had since 18. However, thanks to the VRT I gained back sufficient part of the vision field to be able to get my driving license back, within just 6 months of the therapy. After that I’ve chosen to go for NEC as well. It has helped me to compensate the missing part of the vision field, where I don’t see anything. I would like to thank the whole German NovaVision team, which is personal and proactive and this was absolutely essential for the great success of my therapy.”

Ian H., 50, Australia (Apr. 2017)

“I found working with NEC to be comfortable and intuitive, it worked to cement the fast eye movement patterns and scanning that I implemented with reading and computer work soon after the vision loss event, the great thing about it is that it reinforces and builds on instinctive responses which one can strongly relate to as well as achieve improvement in a supportive framework.”

 Nikki P., 25,  Norway (Feb. 2017)

“I have completed the NeuroEyeCoach program and it has really helped me. I get around much better and I do not bump into people or objects any more.”

Luree, from Virginia, USA

“After several levels of NeuroEyeCoach, I was a much safer driver. I saw pedestrians more quickly, navigating the grocery store shelves was more successful, I could find the birds in my yard faster. I feel more confident and safe with my improved ability to see more while also having a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I can’t put a value on what I have gained with NeuroEyeCoach, I can just say Thank you with all that I am.”

Carole, from Connecticut, USA

“Several years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident which resulted in a percentage of peripheral vision loss. After completing the NEC therapy I did notice improvements, such as regularly locating items in my vision loss field and better motion navigation, so I do not bump into obstacles as often. I believe the therapy helped by improving my vision scanning frequency, and also creating a broader scale to scan making me more aware of how to see things in the “big picture”. I do recommend participation in this therapy. The support team is helpful and encouraging. I believe the product is beneficial to improving vision loss.”

RH- Florida, USA

“I just finished NovaVision’s NeuroEyeCoach therapy program, to help tweak my field of vision. By the end of this program, I could tell improvements in “seeing” as I went about my daily routine in the house and on the road. My eyes are now more quickly picking out objects that I may have missing, or been slower to “see,” prior to this electronic coaching.

This is the second program I have used from NovaVision. Several years ago, after a stroke cost me my ability to read (a horrible feeling), a neurologist recommended NV’s Vision Restoration Therapy. I was reading again at the end of this months-long therapy.

I recommend both programs.”

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