While NovaVision’s VRT addresses the restoration of lost vision, NeuroEyeCoach addresses patients’ difficulties with eye movements, their ability to integrate visual information and enables the patient to make the most of their remaining vision; the two therapies therefore complement each other and are provided in one therapy suite to maximise patient benefit. NeuroEyeCoach is also available on its own for patients who have not suffered vision loss but do have problems with eye movement.

Your progress will be monitored by NovaVision clinicians throughout your therapy program, and through your personalised portal you will be able to see reports on your performance, which will also be emailed to you. These reports can also be provided to your physician if you wish. NovaVision provides full patient and technical support throughout the therapy period.



  • Complete NeuroEyeCoach Program
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VRT & NeuroEyeCoach Therapy SuiteBest Value


(plus chinrest*)
  • 6 Months of VRT
  • Complete NeuroEyeCoach Program
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  • 3 Additional Months of VRT
  • If you would like to extend for 3 additional months of VRT please contact Patient Services at +49 (0) 391 636 0050

(*) For patients in the EU NovaVision loans a chinrest which is required for VRT, for which it receives a €100 deposit; NovaVision will refund the deposit on its return at the completion of therapy. For patients outside the EU NovaVision sells a chinrest which is required for VRT for €135. NovaVision pays for the shipping in the EU, shipping surcharges apply outside the EU